Eurocrash: The Grand Tour releases trailer for new Eastern Europe special

Eastern Europe sets the scene for the trio’s latest escapade

The Grand Tour is set to return to television screens this month and the first trailer has now been released showing Clarkson, Hammond and May setting off on a 1,400-mile journey through Eastern Europe.

Starting in the Polish city of Gdansk, the presenters make their way through Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia – with a typical array of challenges along the way.

“We’ve done another Grand Tour”, Clarkson announced on Twitter earlier today, alongside a link to the episode’s official trailer.

The trailer begins with James May attempting to board a moving plane in a 1947 Crosley Convertible, immediately setting the tone for the trio’s latest encounter – their sixth stand-alone special since jumping ship to Amazon.

The camera then cuts to a high-budget aerial shot, showcasing the locale of the special, before Jeremy Clarkson cuts in: “We’re going behind what used to be the Iron Curtain,” he says, as the camera shows plenty of Soviet-era iconography and aircraft.

The trailer also presents us with the cars the trio will be driving over the course of the special. Accompanying May and the Crosley, a small American family car built in Marion, Indiana from 1946 to 1948, is Richard Hammond in a 2005 Chevrolet SSR. With V8 power and rear-wheel drive, it’s shown to be quite tail-happy over the course of the trailer, and slides and squeals around corners in the hands of Hammond.

The third pick is a Mitsuoka Le Seyde, driven by Jeremy Clarkson, and arguably the most obscure car of the special. Based on the S13 Nissan Silvia, Clarkson describes the oddly-proportioned Mitsuoka as giving “a good Cruella vibe.”

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash

The rest of the trailer promises much of the usual Grand Tour fare – including the presenters trying their hands at “the Soviet Union’s answer to Formula One”.

Hammond’s open-wheel exploits are on full display in this challenge – he rockets away at the start, before a plume of white smoke explodes from his engine, sending the smallest presenter into a wild spin. Business as usual, then.

The trio also end up in the wax museum of Krakow, Poland, where they come across a particularly unconvincing model of Formula One’s 1992 champion, Nigel Mansell.

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash

Amid a cacophony of laughter and heavy West Midlands accents, Hammond ends up leaving the museum with the waxwork, hauling it through the narrow and twisty Krakow streets.

We’re then treated to a view of both up-to-date supercars and classic racing cars being driven to their limits, captured from every angle by fast-moving camera shots.

Armoured horse riders then make an appearance – shooting hordes of arrows at the presenters’ cars, which are looking heavily battle-scarred at this point in the trailer. “Make it end!” yells Clarkson.

“Europe gets a culture crash”, the trailer promises, with a few other tantalising clips including a flying car of some description and another potential crash on a steep grass hill.

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash

The first stand-alone Grand Tour Special – the aptly-named ‘Seamen’ – arrived in December 2019. A break from the typical Grand Tour format, this special featured the presenters buying three used boats and making their way through the rivers of Cambodia and Vietnam – it was positively received.

Since then, the trio have released four more specials, with the latest, “A Scandi Flick”, revolving around rally-inspired saloons, with each presenter driving their chosen car across a Nordic environment.

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash will be available on Amazon Prime Video from June 16.

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