30 years of Jeremy Clarkson at The Sunday Times: Homepage

Since 1993 readers of The Sunday Times have been entertained by Jeremy Clarkson’s car knowledge, outrageous opinion and peerless similes.
Jeremy Clarkson 30 Years of Sunday Times reviews

Jeremy Clarkson on 30 years of reviews

Reflecting on 30 years of writing about cars for The Sunday Times has put Jeremy Clarkson in a sombre mood. Will Dron finds out why.
Jeremy Clarkson with cars in 1990s

How Jeremy Clarkson started in motoring journalism

Jonathan Gill explains how his friend Jeremy Clarkson came to him with an idea about writing car reviews for local newspapers.
20 years of Clarkson: What cars does Jeremy Clarkson drive, and what cars has he bought and owned?

What cars does Jeremy Clarkson drive?

Here are the cars Jeremy Clarkson has owned since he started writing for The Sunday Times in 1993.
Jeremy Clarkson's first review: 1993 Aston Martin Vantage

Clarkson's first review: Aston Martin Vantage

On the one hand, Aston Martin's new Vantage is as brutal as a docker's boozer, yet, on the other, it's as civilised as an EM Forster heroine.
Lexus LFA

Clarkson favourite car: Lexus LFA (2012)

In 2014 we asked Jeremy Jeremy Clarkson what his favourite car of all time was. He said it was the Lexus LFA, which he'd driven just two years ea
Jeremy Clarkson Bugatti Veyron review

Our favourite Clarkson review: Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Jeremy Clarkson's 2005 review of the fearsome Bugatti Veyron is our favourite of all time.
20 years of Jeremy Clarkson: 2004 Ford GT review

When Clarkson handed back his Ford GT

Jeremy Clarkson loved the Ford GT so much he placed an order for one. But living with it wasn't the dream he had imagined.
2007 Nissan Qashqai

When Clarkson drove the original Nissan Qashqai

In 2007 Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Nissan Qashqai, an early crossover, and ever since it has been known to many as the Kumquat.
The Clarkson Effect: do Jeremy's reviews affect car sales?

The Clarkson effect: Do his reviews affect sales?

They say one well-aimed Clarkson comment can send sales through the roof or close factories. In 2014 we investigated the idea.
20 years of Clarkson: Vauxhall Vectra review (2002)

The most outrageous Clarkson review ever

If Vauxhall can't be bothered to make the car interesting in any way whatsoever, I can't be bothered to drive it.
Clarkson 30: Ladies love slow drivers

When Clarkson said women love a slow driver (2000)

In 2000, Jeremy Clarkson wrote that all women think their husband is a useless driver... so slow down, boys, and drive the wife wild.
Jeremy Clarkson reviews first ever Goodwood Festival of Speed

When Clarkson attended the first Goodwood FoS

Silverstone, Brands Hatch et al may be attracting a new breed of builder’s-bottomed spectator, but Goodwood is different