Are UK car showrooms still open during Plan B Covid-19 restrictions?

New measures are being implemented in the UK to halt the spread of Covid-19, but what does that mean for car buyers and dealers?
Geneva Motor Show

2022 Geneva motor show cancelled

The 2022 Geneva international motor show, which had been scheduled for February, has been cancelled due to Covid and semiconductor supply issues.

Car thefts increase after lockdown

Easing of coronavirus lockdown leads to 32% increase in car thefts according to Tracker
Learner drivers struggle to book tests amid backlog

Chronic shortage of driving instructors

Driving test backlog could stretch into 2022
Goodwood Revival 2021

Goodwood Revival parade for key workers

Key workers will be honoured with a victory parade at the Goodwood Revival in September.
Almost half of people picked up bad driving habits in lockdown

Half of drivers picked up bad habits in lockdown

Almost half of people have picked up bad driving habits in lockdown, according to a recent survey.
Courts are too lenient on dangerous drivers, says police chief

Police chief: courts too lenient on speeders

A police chief has told The Sunday Times that dangerous drivers should be afforded no more leniency in court than those involved in knife crime.
Research shows extent of lockdown speeding

Can you go for a drive during the lockdown?

As pubs and restaurants across the UK begin to open indoors, motorists are beginning to wonder what the rules are for driving.
Uptake of pure-electric cars affected by reduction in government grant

Electric car sales affected by grant reduction

The uptake of electric vehicles has slowed following the reduction to the government's Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG).

Can I still get driving lessons in lockdown?

With the vaccine rollout continuing, learner drivers are beginning to wonder when they will be able to get driving lessons and take their test.
Learner drivers struggle to book tests amid backlog

Learners struggle to book tests amid backlog

Learner drivers are scrambling to book driving tests amid a backlog of around 420,000 people caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Jeremy Clarkson has been stuck in Brexit red tape

Clarkson's farm is wrapped in Brexit red tape

Jeremy Clarkson's attempt to diversify his crop has been thwarted by Brexit red tape and French insouciance, he has claimed in a new column.

Coronavirus: Can I buy a car during lockdown?

With Britain's exit from lockdown now firmly underway, people are once again turning their thoughts to driving,