Are electric cars more likely to catch fire than petrol and diesel cars?

Studies from across the globe show that, despite fearmongering, EVs are less likely to catch fire than cars powered by petrol or diesel.
2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6

Best new EVs with on 0% APR finance

These zero per cent finance deals aren’t all that common, and of the few there are, many are only offered for a limited period.
UK motorists hit by "hellish" petrol and diesel price rise

2035 petrol and diesel car ban: 12 things to know

The ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars has been pushed back to 2035. What does the mean for used cars and their value?
Buying Guide: the best used 4x4 estate cars for adventures off the beaten track,including the Audi A6 allroad

Buying Guide: Best used 4x4 estate cars

What driver doesn’t dream about venturing off the beaten track?
New Green number plates for electric cars in UK

UK number plates explained

Number plates first became mandatory on cars in the UK in 1904 for most of the same reasons they’re still required today.
Is your car exempt from London’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone charges?

Is your car exempt from London's Ulez?

London was the first city in the world to establish an “ultra low emission zone” (Ulez), and now it covers all boroughs — is your car exempt?
The AA left us cowering on the hard shoulder of the M1 for six hours

The AA left us cowering on the hard shoulder

David Mills and his wife suffered a tyre blowout on the M1. That was just the start of their ordeal.

Best used EVs for under £17,000

There are used EVs for sale that will suit almost every budget, as our rundown of the best sub-£17k models reveals.
ULEZ proposed expansion

ULEZ expansion approved by High Court

The High Court has ruled that the expanded ULEZ can go ahead, coming into effect from August 29.
10 ways to save money on your car insurance

How to cut the cost of car insurance

Insurance premiums are one of the most expensive, unpredictable and often frustrating parts of car ownership. But you can keep costs down.
Polestar O2 concept previews 2023 Polestar 6

Car makers' electric vehicle plans (updated)

Fancy going all-electric with your next new car? Here are all of the current and upcoming pure-electric models you'll be able to buy.
McLaren 765LT Spider debuts

Best supercars to buy 2023

Whether you’re a velocity veteran or a fast car first-timer, these are the supercars that should be on your shortlist this year.
Volvo XC40 Recharge battery pack

What are EV batteries made of?

It’s more important than ever that we know what electric car batteries are made of, and the costs of mining and manufacturing those materials...